In Ukraine, the cost of borscht increased by more than 30% during the year

This is evidenced by a recent “borscht index” from BRDO experts. Today, on the back of widespread concerns over rising prices, it seems more important than ever.

In February 2022, a portion of borscht made traditionally for four people will cost UAH 80.92. Compared to February 2021 (UAH 62.06), the price has increased by more than 30%.

All borscht ingredients increased in price to varying degrees during the year: from insignificant 5% to significant 284.4%.

Vegetable prices have risen the most. Compared to February 2021, the prices of beets and carrots have more than doubled and the price of cabbage has almost quadrupled.

The only vegetable, the price of which has risen insignificantly, is potatoes (+5.05%). Pork (+ 12.03%) and sour cream (+ 8.78%) also have not risen in price critically.

Infographics will help to learn more about the dynamics of food prices:

Product Price in February 2021 Price in February 2022

Pork 400 g


103.79 116.28

Potatoes 500 g


11.68 12.27

Beetroot 400 g


7.69 17.05

Carrots 150 g


7.01 16.22

Cabbage 500 g


5.45 20.95

Sour cream 100g


26.2 28.5



62.06 80.92


Source: online prices from Fozzy, Novus, METRO, Auchan retail chains

prices in UAH/kg