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BRDO and Ministry of Regional Development developed a resolution that will improve the regulation of engineering and construction processes

The Law No.1817-VIII “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding the Improvement of Urban Development”, which came into force on June 10, 2017, abolished the complexity classes of construction projects that were replaced with the consequence (liability) classes: minor (CC1), middle (CC2) and projects with major consequences. However, restrictions, which do not include the possibility of engineering facilities of IV-V complexity classes in line with modern Eurocodes, harmonized in accordance with the requirements of the Association with the EU, are still valid at the sub-legislative level.

BRDO experts together with the Ministry of Regional Development prepared the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.547, which extends the application of Eurocodes in engineering facilities of CC3 classes. It also removes inconsistencies and restrictions existed since 2011, but became particularly critical after the adoption of the law No.1817-VIII. This resolution was developed with the direct involvement of entrepreneurs and construction industry representatives. At the moment, the draft resolution is being agreed with the ministries and departments that will provide their comments.

The adoption of the Resolution No.547 will not only improve the regulation of engineering and construction processes, but also will have a significant impact on capabilities of Ukrainian constructors and entrepreneurs. Design engineers will be able to apply new, up-to-date engineering standards. And this will clear the way for modern production facilities, hotels, residential buildings, stadiums and shopping and entertainment centers. We look forward to the rapid approval of the resolution and its prompt implementation.