Regulatory policy

The sector is focused on simplifying the business environment for all economic entities.

Sector's priorities

Creation of the Unified System of Permits
Reform of the fermented alcoholic beverages market
‘Private’ space
Fisheries reform
Harmonization of Ukrainian and EU legislation.

Sector's team

Hanna Bashniak
Regulatory Policy Sector Head

Lawyer. Expert in the fields of licensing, system of permits, methods and tools of state regulation as well as environmental issues. Develops bylaws aimed at eliminating excessive government regulation and improving the regulatory sector for business. Actively participates in the creation of state electronic information resources and digitization of administrative services. 

Natalia Dupliy
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Expert on licensing, system of permits, administrative services, state supervision (control) in the field of agricultural activity as well as subsoil use. Engaged in development and legal evaluation of draft regulations, in particular, in the field of digitalization of administrative services.

Leonid Lytvynenko
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Expert in licensing, permitting and administrative services. Leonid has 19 years of experience in the field of law, worked in private and public companies, including legal departments of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. While working in the BRDO team, Leonid developed and supported bylaws in the field of deregulation, raising Ukraine rating in the Doing Business. Co-author of the Green Paper and White Paper which contain analyses of regulatory policy in individual markets / segments.

Anna Palazova
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer with 17 years of experience in public authorities, private companies, and international projects. Anna has held heading positions in the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Specialist in regulatory policy in the field of economic activity, system of permits, licensing and administrative services. 

Inna Prysiazhniuk
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Inna has 10-year professional experience and worked in the public sector for 6 years. Expert in the field of administrative services, system of permits, licensing. Develops bylaws in business simplification, regulatory policy, in particular, in the environmental field. Analyzes the regulatory impact of draft regulations. Co-author of the Green Paper on Regulatory Activities which contains an analysis of regulatory policy in selected markets / segments. 

Legal acts

Sector's draft legal acts
Law of Ukraine
№ 1689-IX