About us

Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) - is a leading independent think tank in the field of economic regulation with a focus on implementation. The office was established in 2015 as a non-governmental non-profit organization to assist the government in carrying out medium- and long-term economic reforms to improve the business environment in conditions of political instability.

Our mission

Play a key role in transforming Ukraine into a European democracy with good governance and a strong economy.

Our goal
Develop and implement tools for effective state regulation aimed at the public interest and the development of small and medium enterprises.

Our projects

Development of information and communication system software “Register of identified goods for military purpose and dual use”

USAID support development of interactive platform for SME (Business Helper)

Improvement the Pilot Module of the Integrated Automated System of State Supervision (Control)

Debeaurocratization in Education Management (Stage 3, 2023)


  • 75 market researches in various spheres of state policy were carried out.
  • 211 pieces of legislation have been adopted, containing recommendations for research by BRDO experts.
  • 1245 regulatory acts were repealed, which in the process of analysis were considered obsolete or unnecessary.
  • 10 unique online tools have been created and used by entrepreneurs, civil servants and local governments.
  • The overall economic effect of BRDO’s initiatives before the full-scale war was estimated at over EUR 1 billion.

Activity reports


BRDO activity report (2023)

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BRDO activity report (2022) short

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BRDO activity report (2022) full

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BRDO activity report (2021)

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BRDO activity report (2020)

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BRDO activity report (2019)

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BRDO activity report (2018)

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BRDO activity report (2017)

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BRDO activity report (2016)

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Our team

Oleksii Dorohan

Lawyer with specialization in international law with extensive experience in legal practice in leading transnational and Ukrainian companies. Expert in strategic development and application of information technology in the legal field.

Yana Horiunova
Deputy CEO, Chief Information Officer

Leads projects of developing and supporting state information services for the opening and development of business as well as the Inspection Portal  a state online portal for business inspections, among other projects. Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on digitization of public administration and inspection reform (2019-2020). 

Juliia Blokhina
The lead of Strategic Development & Partnerships

Specialist in partnership development. Works with investors, donors, NGOs, corporate clients, agencies, city and state authorities as well as the media. She has many years of experience as a director of sales and marketing in international corporations. Yuliia has an MBA degree from the Open University Business School (UK) with a specialization in Marketing and Financial Strategy.

Taisiia Baryngolts
Construction Sector Head

Expert on the provision of administrative services in the field of construction, development of electronic registers and services. Lawyer with 20 years of experience. Master of Business Administration. Engaged in improving legal regulation in the field of urban planning, reengineering of administrative services, developing legal framework to guarantee property rights to real estate objects that are going to be built in the future, and digitization of public services. Taisiia has significant experience in creating a legal basis for the introduction and operation of national electronic information resources in Ukraine. 

Dmytro Barzylovych
Construction Sector Expert

Certified construction specialist (leading category). Expert on technical regulation and development of professional self-regulation in the field of construction. Dmytro has more than 20 years of experience in civil service as well as over 25 years of experience in production. Dmytro has deep knowledge, practical experience, and non-standard approaches to key reforms in the areas of technical regulation in construction and professional self-regulation. Engaged in improving the regulatory framework for technical regulation in construction, the development of professional self-regulation. He is a co-author of more than 10 laws and regulations and 8 Green Papers. 

Andrii Bilenko
Construction Sector Expert
Serhii Serediuk
Construction Sector Expert

Has a 15-year-old experience in management of industrial enterprises in the metallurgical and related industries.

Oleksandr Dmytruk
Construction Sector Expert

Marketer, systemic and business analyst. Expert in urban planning and construction. He has more than 25 years of practical experience in systemic analysis, marketing and strategic planning in urban planning, banking, transport and information technology. Provides analytical support for improving the regulatory framework and reforming urban planning and the construction industry. 

Anton Zorkin
Energy Sector Head

Energy expert. Analyst. Anton has worked for public and private energy companies as well as the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities.

Kateryna Kykot
Energy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Kateryna worked in the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Communal Services and JSC «KYIVENERGO». Kateryna has 8 years of experience in the energy sector.

Yuliia Moskalenko
Energy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Yuliia worked in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and its bodies in the areas of competition and state aid, in particular, in energy markets.

Ihor Samokhodskyi
IT&Telecom Sector Head

Head of the team working on state policy in the field of electronic communications, IT industry, open data and virtual assets as well as relevant European integration processes. Member of the EU evaluation mission on Ukraine’s integration into the digital market. 

Nadiia Kostryba
IT&Telecom Sector expert

Expert on legal regulation of electronic communications, radio spectrum, IT. Nadiia has 20 years of experience in public administration and regulation in relevant fields. Member of the EU evaluation mission of Ukraine’s integration into the digital market.

Dmytro Lebedyev
IT&Telecom Sector Expert

Analyst, finance expert. Dmytro worked in the field of communications, has experience in strategic and financial planning. Provides analytical support for the drafting of government policies in the field of electronic communications, IT industry, open data.

Glib Schegol
IT&Telecom Sector Expert

Expert in the sector of electronic communications and in the field of radio frequency resources. Glib has 25-year experience of working in government agencies, enterprises, and leading Ukrainian telecommunication companies. Member of the EU evaluation mission of Ukraine’s integration into the digital market. 

Hanna Bashniak
Regulatory Policy Sector Head

Lawyer. Expert in the fields of licensing, system of permits, methods and tools of state regulation as well as environmental issues. Develops bylaws aimed at eliminating excessive government regulation and improving the regulatory sector for business. Actively participates in the creation of state electronic information resources and digitization of administrative services. 

Natalia Dupliy
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Expert on licensing, system of permits, administrative services, state supervision (control) in the field of agricultural activity as well as subsoil use. Engaged in development and legal evaluation of draft regulations, in particular, in the field of digitalization of administrative services.

Leonid Lytvynenko
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Expert in licensing, permitting and administrative services. Leonid has 19 years of experience in the field of law, worked in private and public companies, including legal departments of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. While working in the BRDO team, Leonid developed and supported bylaws in the field of deregulation, raising Ukraine rating in the Doing Business. Co-author of the Green Paper and White Paper which contain analyses of regulatory policy in individual markets / segments.

Anna Palazova
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer with 17 years of experience in public authorities, private companies, and international projects. Anna has held heading positions in the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. Specialist in regulatory policy in the field of economic activity, system of permits, licensing and administrative services. 

Inna Prysiazhniuk
Regulatory Policy Sector Expert

Lawyer. Inna has 10-year professional experience and worked in the public sector for 6 years. Expert in the field of administrative services, system of permits, licensing. Develops bylaws in business simplification, regulatory policy, in particular, in the environmental field. Analyzes the regulatory impact of draft regulations. Co-author of the Green Paper on Regulatory Activities which contains an analysis of regulatory policy in selected markets / segments. 

Iryna Gruzinska
Agriculture Sector Head

Expert in public finance and public corporate governance. Lawyer with 10 years of experience in the agricultural audit of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine. Adviser to the Head of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine (2019-2020). Iryna leads the reform team for strategic directions for the development of business in the agriculture sector.

Natalia Gerasymenko
Agriculture Sector Expert

Expert in agricultural policy, agricultural finance, and agricultural insurance. Specialist in agricultural market analysis and strategic planning in the agricultural sector. Nataliia has extensive experience in projects of the World Bank, FAO, and other international organizations. She also has professional experience of cooperation with the state authorities. Has PhD in Economy. 

Oleksandr Perepelytsia
Agriculture Sector Expert

Lawyer in the field of international law. Expert on European integration in the agricultural sector. Oleksandr has experience in drafting regulations and implementing EU legislation.

Alona Smagina
Agriculture Sector Expert

Lawyer. Expert in economic, land, and agricultural law. Aliona has 10 years of working experience. She works on legislative initiatives to develop agricultural markets and improve business environment in the agricultural sector.

Artem Popsui
Food&Agriculture Sector Expert

Economist. Lawyer. Expert in civil, administrative, criminal, and agrarian law. Artem has many years of experience working in the Supreme Court of Ukraine. Artem specializes in improving land and forest legislation and regulating aquaculture. 

Acting Head of the Infrastructure Sector

Lawyer with 20- year experience in government agencies and international projects. Expert in European integration in the field of transport. Researches markets and drafts bylaws on taxi transport, construction and repair of roads, water and rail freight. Participates in the preparation of draft laws in the automotive industry and road construction as well as provides legal expertise on their compliance with EU legislationHas PhD in Law. 

Andrii Bukovskyi
Infrastructure Sector Expert

Economist with 30 years of experience in public and private companies in the organization and management of enterprises, in particular, in the field of corporate governance and structural transformation processes and development of the management system of railway transport enterprises. Researches and develops recommendations for improving competition, simplifying access rules and formation of value in road, water, and rail freight markets. Has PhD in economy, full member of the AES of Ukraine.

Expert of the lawyers’ team

Expert in public administration reform. Liudmyla worked in the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the field of administrative reform in 2004-2017. Investigates the reasons of the inefficiency of the executive branch system. Develops draft legislation.

Roman Kobets
Policy analysis expert

Expert in drafting and analyzing public policy. Author of a number of educational and methodological materials on public policy and its advocacy. Head of the European Information and Research Center at the Verkhovna Rada (2015-2018). Adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2009-2010) and the Prime Minister of Ukraine (2019-2020). Adviser to the Chairman of the NAPC (2021). 

Khrystyna Faichak
Expert in public administration reform in Ukraine

Expert in public policy development and analysis. Head of the BRDO School for Civil Servants. Project Manager of the New Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Manager of the Project “Reforming the Institute of Self-Regulation in Ukraine”.

Yanina Dobrovolska
Software Development Team Expert

Project manager. Coordinates the #StartBusinessChallenge project and coordinates cooperation with local governments in terms of connecting to the service. Managed the development of an additional component of the interactive platform “Assistant Entrepreneur: Tax Audits”. 

Oleh Puzyrenko
Software Development Team Expert

Technical Head the Project.ua development team. Participated in and developed most of the Office’s IT tools, including regulation.gov.ua, inspections.gov.ua, ARI tools, business start-up tools, Office internal tools to automate market analysis, regulatory review and writing green papers. 

Andrii Ustenko
Software Development Team Expert

Business analysis specialist in the field of IT. Engaged in the collection of requirements and their transformation into technical documentation for the development team, as well as the analysis of regulations to automate decisions in the field of public administration. 

Ihor Yavorskyi
Software Development Team Expert

UX / UI designer. He has 12 years of experience in designing digital products and systems. Analyzes user data, designs user interfaces and user experience to solve problems by creating digital products that help satisfy user needs. 

Software Development Team Expert
Software Development Team Expert

Programmer. Expert in web technology. Developer of inspection portal, assistant entrepreneur, map of urban planning documentation and other web applications.

Andrii Glushchenko
Software Development Team Expert

Programmer. Specialist in the field of computer technology. Engaged in the development and implementation of web applications.

Denys Beztuzhev
Software Development Team Expert

Specialist in software testing. Expert in automated testing, security testing and web application loading. 

Oleksandr Yakymenko
Software Development Team Expert

Specialist in software testing: planning, test cases design, test environment setup, test data setup, bug management, test results and metrics. 

Oleksii Tomashevskyi
Software Development Team Expert

Programmer. Expert in the design and construction of high-load computer systems. Oleksii has worked in commercial and international IT companies. 

Maksym Burdiuh
Head of Communications

Expert in communications and PR. Maksym has experience in managing communication processes in the public and private sectors. Organized information campaigns of the Government of Ukraine in 2019-2020.

Anna Nebeska
Communication Team Expert

Expert in communications and PR. Anna has 9 years of professional experience in communicating culture and business projects. Manages Public Dialogue project.

Oleksandra Daruha
Communication Team Expert

Expert in communications and PR. Brand manager. Journalist with ten years of experience in socio-political, cultural and business media. Experienced in developing and implementing communication strategies for national-wide networks of service institutions, state (reform of service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) and charitable (Global Fund’s healthcare projects).

Alina Iagmurdzhy
Communication Team Expert

Event manager with 10 years of experience. Specializes in offline and online business events. Organized public events of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2019-2020.

Yevhenii Pavlovskyi
Communication Team Expert

Graphic branding designer with significant experience in the commercial and public sectors.