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BRDO prepared the Green Paper “Doors, windows, shutters, gates and related furnishings for homes”

Windows and doors are the main causes of heat losses in buildings. According to calculations, the windows provide almost 51% of heat losses in existing facilities in Ukraine.

Consumption volumes of windows and doors for buildings and facilities are related not only to the volumes of new construction projects – large volumes of these materials are consumed in capital and current repairs of real estate. Given the high energy prices, there is a great need for thermo-modernization of buildings and facilities built in Soviet times, which creates a considerable demand. The market for windows, doors and related furnishings is very important and has significant targeted government support. Today, Ukraine has both the state energy-efficiency program of “warm loans” (for individuals and housing cooperatives), IQenergy by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (for private individuals) and local programs for additional easing of “warm loans”. In total, Ukraine approved 128 local funding programs and 161 programs without defined funding. According to a survey of window manufacturers dealers, 72% of dealers are involved in the “warm loans” program and 16% – in the IQenergy program.

In 2016, Ukraine produced 2.5 million metal-plastic windows and doors, and the total area of wooden windows, frames, balcony and entrance doors with frames and sills was 1.96 million square meters. The market volumes and its significance for implementation of the state energy efficiency policy provided the basis for a thorough analysis of the quality of state regulation in this segment.

The introduction of a certification system based on modern international principles, the final harmonization of standards and technical regulation, the creation of an effective market surveillance system are the main aspects, which, according to experts, reduce the effectiveness of state regulation in the market.

You can find more information on findings of the analysis in the new Green Paper “Rolling review of the quality of state regulation of the market “Doors, windows, shutters, gates and related equipment for homes” published by BRDO experts to discuss with all market participants.