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EU Association Agreement: what to expect?

On September 1, the “non-trade” part of the Association Agreement enters into force, according to which Ukraine should gradually harmonize its laws with the EU legislation.

Nobody in Ukraine has thoroughly studied what economic effect the implementation of this part of the Agreement would have. Ukraine has chosen the association regardless of consequences, because we have a huge credit of trust to the European integration. However, the content of the Agreement means both potential extraordinary opportunities and a significant danger. The EU legislation is very complicated and demanding, its unprofessional implementation can potentially have a negative impact on both the economy and public interests. In addition, politicians too often have a desire to justify their mistakes or corruption interests by the European integration.

“The BRDO Office often deals with the provisions of the Agreement in its activity. Our fundamental position is that it is always necessary to carefully study and weigh where and in which areas the Agreement provides Ukraine with the opportunity to maneuver or choose between different options in order to choose the most appropriate option in terms of interests of our country. It is also important to do this to prevent discrediting the European integration process in the eyes of our people. It is good that the EU provides us with the maximum possible support in the implementation process, and we are sincerely grateful for this,” the Deputy Head of BRDO Denis Malyuska said.

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