Combating corruption in the urban planning sector: the Verkhovna Rada registered two draft laws

The Parliament recently registered draft laws №5655 and №5656 aimed at creating the environment to eliminate corruption in the urban planning sector and increase the investment attractiveness of the construction sector. Experts from the Better Regulation Delivery Office actively participated in drafting the documents.

The draft law No.5655 proposes amendments to 21 Laws of Ukraine and 6 Codes of Ukraine — the Land Code, the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Commercial Procedure Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Code of Administrative Procedure.

The main provisions of the draft law provide for:

  • ensuring state registration of real estate rights in urban planning by state registrars;
  • ensuring publicity of providing such services;
  • creating a transparent and effective system of urban planning control and state urban planning supervision;
  • applying the alternative principle in choosing urban planning control bodies;
  • strengthening control over unauthorized construction by executive bodies of village, settlement, city councils;
  • improving liability rules in the urban planning sector.

Why is this important?

Effective public administration, as well as urban planning control and supervision, the introduction of effective liability mechanisms for violations of urban planning laws, the establishment of transparent rules of the game for all participants — all this will create conditions for the construction industry development, improve Ukraine’s positions in the Doing Business rating, increase employment opportunities and enhance the well-being of citizens.