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BRDO experts analyzed the walnut market and developed steps to improve the regulatory environment

Ukraine is one of the five world-leading producers of walnuts. But the share of their commercial growing is only 1-2%. Most walnuts are produced on private farms. The land issues and a rather long period of capital turnover are the main reasons for such distribution.

Despite this, Ukrainian walnuts are of interest to many exporters. But due to an imperfect regulatory environment and non-transparent procedures, the state loses millions of dollars every year from illegal walnut sales.

The main market problems include the undervaluation of goods, unfair competition, tax evasion, and the inability to confirm the origin of nuts. All this creates problems for the export market development.

BRDO experts analyzed the key problems of the market and developed a concept of its effective regulation.

In 2017, the Better Regulation Delivery Office presented the “Green Paper on Walnut Market Regulation”.