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BRDO prepared the Green Paper “Ceramic slabs and tiles”

In the first half of 2017, volumes of Ukrainian ceramic tile production increased by 29% compared to the same period in 2016 and amounted to 25.8 million square meters. And in 2016 – 45.3 million square meters.

In 2000, the import share in consumption of ceramic tiles was 55% in Ukraine, whereas in 2015, this rate was 23%. In general, Ukraine began exporting ceramic tiles to foreign markets in 2000, and the export has increased by 347 times for 15 years.

The products of Ukrainian producers are in demand and competitive in many markets. However, because of non-tariff barriers related to the ineffectiveness and slow processes of harmonization with the EU standardization system, we do not fully use the export potential of this sector.

As part of the Public Dialogue on system analysis of state regulation of markets, experts announced a certification fee for access to EU markets through authorized representative offices of foreign laboratories, which amounts up to $20,000. The production cost of Ukrainian ceramic tiles increases just by this sum when being exported to European countries. This fact reduces its attractiveness significantly.

Possible ways of resolving the problems of facilitating the transition to the international certification system, harmonization of the technical regulation and standardization system and increasing the effectiveness of market surveillance are the topics our experts analyzed in the green paper – the System analysis of the quality of state regulation of the market “Ceramic slabs and tiles” that we propose to discuss.