BRDO unites manufacturers of construction materials to implement the European regulation

Ukraine has committed itself under the Association with the EU to harmonize national standards for construction products with European ones in accordance with the EU Regulation No.305/2011. The implementation of provisions of this regulation in the domestic legislation should be completed by 2020.

With the purpose of accelerating the process and involving all stakeholders, a working group consisting of representatives of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services, heads of associations and professional associations of construction materials manufacturers was set up at the BRDO last week.

Participants of the working group discussed the issues of inefficient market surveillance mechanisms and analyzed in detail the draft law No.7151 “On Basic Requirements for Buildings and Facilities as well as Conditions to Place Construction Products on the Market” that can become the basis to implement the Regulation No.305 at their first meeting. Its main aspects are aimed at harmonizing the conditions to place construction products on the market.

However, the draft law does not fully take into account the market participants’ interests and is not fully based on their experience. In particular, in terms of the development of trade relations with the EU.

During the discussion, the market representatives noted that taking into account the developments of Ukrainian manufacturers regarding the export of construction materials to the EU and the practical understanding of their needs as well as weak points of the existing regulation would allow to create favorable conditions to develop this sector. In addition, it will increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian goods and achieve a balance of consumer interests (safety of goods) and manufactures.

According to the results of the meeting, it was agreed that in the near future, market participants would prepare a number of proposals for the draft law that should be considered and taken into account in the second reading of the draft law No.7151.

In addition, participants noted that it is necessary to amend the Laws of Ukraine “On Standardization” and “On State Market Surveillance and Control of Non-Food Products”.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office will continue to serve as a platform for future meetings of the working group and will actively engage in discussing with its expert position to turn the draft law into a really useful and understandable instrument to regulate the market of construction products after its adoption by the Verkhovna Rada.

The full list of working group’s participants is attached.