Construction of modern bomb shelters – a bill registered in parliament

The Parliament has registered a bill № 7398, which will create conditions for the construction of new bomb shelters in accordance with the new threats that arose during the full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation. This document was developed with the participation of BRDO experts.

Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine has shown that most of the shelters available to Ukrainians are the simplest (basements, parking lots, etc.). They do not have evacuation exits, are not equipped with water supply and drainage systems, are not adapted for long-term storage of products and are not able to protect people from weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical, biological, and nuclear.

The new bill envisages for the following:

  • mandatory inclusion of a section on engineering and technical measures of civil protection in urban planning documentation at the regional and local levels; without it, urban planning documentation is not approved and construction does not take place;
  • for buildings with significant (CC3) and medium (CC2) impact classes, which will permanently have more than 50 people or periodically more than 100 people, the project documentation should also contain a section on civil engineering engineering measures;
  • at the same time, bomb shelters in such facilities should be accessible to people with disabilities and other low-mobility groups;
  • if the constructed structure does not meet the requirements for engineering and technical measures of civil protection, it is the basis for the body of state architectural and construction control to refuse to issue a certificate of commissioning of the completed facility;
  • the maintenance of bomb shelters in readiness for their intended use is carried out by their owners, users, legal entities, on the balance of which they are at their own expense;
  • bomb shelters, regardless of the form of ownership, must be prepared for the reception of the population within a period not exceeding 12 hours (in the case of transfer of the unified state civil protection system or its components to high alert, emergency, state of emergency, and special period ).
  • an essential condition of the lease agreement of a bomb shelter (its part), which is in state or communal ownership, will be the possibility of terminating such an agreement unilaterally, in case of: 1) violation of the order of use in peacetime ; 2) non-compliance by the lessee with the requirements for bringing bomb shelters ready for the reception of the population in the above-mentioned cases.

If the bill is passed, Ukraine will be provided with a sufficient number of modern and comfortable bomb shelters and shelters for civil protection. In the long run, it could save many lives.

So we are waiting for the adoption of this document in the Parliament as soon as possible!

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