e-Entrepreneur in Action – the online business opening service launched

The e-Entrepreneur service was presented at Diia.Samit.

This service allows you to get the services you need to run your own business with one application.

e-Entrepreneur contains 8 services for business, including: registration as a private entrepreneur, opening a bank account, registration of a fire declaration, tax services and others. From now on, it will not be necessary to go to various institutions, collect certificates and extra papers to get services, you only need to have a gadget and 20 minutes of free time.

How was the service developed?

Since 2017, the BRDO has systematically worked on the implementation of the idea of opening a business online. In particular, the white paper “Licensing as a tool for restricting access to markets” and the green paper “Analysis of tools for market access” analysed the regulatory environment and obstacles that prevent entrepreneurs from doing business.

In 2020, the BRDO team, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the EU4DigitalUA project, developed draft resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On the implementation of an experimental project to simplify the conditions for starting and conducting business activities” and “On changes to the Regulation on the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services”.

The EU4DigitalUA project, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, worked out business processes, formulated development requirements and supported the development process, which is still ongoing – because even more services are planned to be launched in the complex.

The uniqueness of the complex service is the absence of a single starting point – that is, everyone can choose whether to order all services or only those that the user needs.

This made it possible to provide comprehensive services on Diia state portal to all who requested them. In 2021, the resolution of the CMU dated August 4, 2021 No. 808 “On the implementation of an experimental project on simplifying the conditions for starting and conducting business activities”, also developed with the participation of BRDO, was approved.

In addition, the Start Business Challenge portal, developed by the BRDO team, has been operating since 2018 and is designed to collect all information about the permits required for opening various types of businesses, from a coffee shop to a sawmill. Since 2022, the portal has been integrated with Diia.Business. And during 2022, the development of the comprehensive electronic service “e-Entrepreneur” initiated by BRDO, based on previous developments, continued.

How to use the service?

You need to go to the Diia portal and fill out an application.

After authorisation on the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services “Diia”, go to the “My Business” section and select the “e-Entrepreneur” service. If authorisation on the Portal was done using the KEP of a legal entity, then the opportunity to open a business “from scratch” is not provided and the user moves on to the selection of related services.

After choosing to open a business “from scratch”, the user must complete the following steps:

  • choose services independently or with the help of a questionnaire;
  • fill in the details of the legal entity subject to registration;
  • choose the form of taxation;
  • fill in the information about the selected services at the “Selected services” step;
  • check and confirm the correctness of the data;
  • sign the comprehensive KEP application and wait for the decision.

You can get the service at any stage of starting or developing your own business. For example, already registered private entrepreneurs will be able to expand the business.

The service is currently at the testing stage and will be available for all Ukrainians in the near future.


The comprehensive e-Entrepreneur service is being developed within the framework of the EU4DigitalUA project, financed by the European Union and implemented by the Academy of e-Government of Estonia.