Energy crisis: Ukraine may be short of 1 million tons of coal in winter

In the heating season 2021-2022, Ukrainians may face coal shortages and power outages. 

According to the Ukrenergo transmission system operator, coal reserves available in warehouses are not enough to fully supply TPPs and CHPPs. Accordingly, the Government is considering switching energy generating companies to more expensive gas.

Anton Zorkin, a BRDO expert, commented on the situation to the Ukrainian Business Resource: “The average monthly consumption of TPPs and CHPPs in winter is from 2 to 2.2 million tons, depending on weather conditions. Therefore, under a realistic scenario with an average monthly import of 400 thousand tons and typical winter temperatures, we can expect a coal deficit of 1 million tons by the end of March. However, the use of gas along with the lack of coal will lead to higher electricity prices.”.

Learn more about whether the Government will resort to power outages in this situation in his comment to the web portal. Our proposals for overcoming the crisis are available in the presentation (UA).