Government supported a draft law abolishing 20 permits


The Cabinet of Ministers considered and approved the draft law on abolishing 20 permits that has been developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade together with BRDO experts.

BRDO experts estimated that the adoption of this draft law will help entrepreneurs to save at least 196 762 days of waiting every year and reduce the annual burden on the business approximately at 28 million hryvnias of official payments and about 200 million hryvnias of unofficial ones.

The draft law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding reducing the number of permits including by promoting a declarative (registration, application) principle” is aimed at simplifying the conditions for business operation.

Officially, Ukraine has 82 types of permits. According to the BRDO expert Denis Malyuska, the existence of some of them is not justified, essentially being an excessive regulatory burden on business that encourages the bureaucracy and corruption.

That is why, the Plan of deregulation measures, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has the aim to reduce a list of permits by 25%.

The BRDO and Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine’s (MEDT) draft law suggests to optimize 20 different permits, the necessity of getting which is not being justified of people’s health care, environmental or other essential interests of the state.  However, only a half of these permits is abolished. As for the rest of permits, permissive procedures will be replaced with notifications (declarations).

There are licenses for tour operator activities, certificates of assigning a hotel category, permits for activities involving animals, quarantine permits (for import and transit) and others among the abolished permits.

Certificates of assessment activities, approvals for alienation or transfer of monuments of national importance to their owner’s possession, permits for traditional medicine practice, permits for keeping wild animals and others are transformed into declarations.