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Introduction of BIM-technologies becomes a reality in Ukraine

In the Ukrainian construction sector, the “White BIM Black Ear” is when there are modern technologies, but they are not used in Ukraine. But now they will!

A Memorandum on Roadmap for Introduction of BIM-Technologies (Building Information Model) implying an information modeling of construction objects in the Ukrainian market was signed a few days ago.

What benefits will it provide?

  • Better quality control over construction works
  • Projected impact of various factors at each stage of construction
  • Higher security of object construction
  • Implementation of innovative projects

The signatories are the BRDO Office, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, the USCC and the Interstate Consultants Engineers Guild. By working together, we can implement changes more effectively!

“Everyone will benefit from it. This is cool not only for specific projects in the short term, but also it is cool for every consumer. The future lies in the BIM, and our task is to bring it to the Ukrainian regulatory environment,” Oleksiy Dorohan, Head of the Better Regulation Delivery Office, said.