Law allowing businesses to save about UAH 960 mln annually was adopted

A draft law 1060 on amendments regarding improving business licensing procedures was adopted in the first reading. It gets the licensing area under control, starting from defining the concept of “material and technical base” to standardizing penalties for violations.

The main changes provided for by the draft law include:

  • Introducing a renewal procedure for a license that has been terminated by licensing authorities;
  • Introducing a procedure for appealing against a decision to terminate a license;
  • Making it impossible to revoke a license in case of non-payment for a license by a licensee;
  • Improving a procedure for appealing the actions of licensing authorities to the Expert and Appeal Board;
  • Resolving issues regarding resubmission of a license application;
  • Clarifying the list of licensing information contained in the Unified State Register;
  • Introducing a new sanction for licensing violations: partial or full license termination.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office has developed this initiative and sincerely welcomes its adoption.