A new stage in the development of Ukrainian winemaking: what does draft law 9139 change?

On Wednesday, the Parliament adopted in the first reading draft law No. 9139, which will create conditions for the development of Ukrainian wine production, competitive in the world.

First of all, draft law No. 9139 is aimed at implementing relevant EU regulations on viticulture and winemaking, the production of flavoured wine products, and new production standards.

It is worth noting that the adoption of the draft law is an important stage in the deregulation of the wine industry, as it replaces outdated instruments of market regulation. The corresponding decision to support the need for the adoption of 9139 was supported on May 24 at the meeting of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Issues of Accelerated Review of Instruments of State Regulation of Economic Activity, in the work of which BRDO participates.

What will 9139 change?

  • An important step towards the improvement of domestic winemaking should be the creation of a single state information system “Vinegrower’s and winemaking register”, which will contain information about:
    • grape producers;
    • wine production;
    • grape plots;
    • mandatory declarations and other data on wine production provided for by this law.
  • Implementation of the principle “from the vine to the bottle” is foreseen. This should ensure the traceability of production and products in the industry.
  • Terms and definitions in the field of winemaking are close to European ones.
  • Marking according to European standards.
  • Requirements for checks and controls.

We sincerely welcome this decision and call on elected officials to adopt the draft law as a whole in order to provide conditions for the development of Ukrainian winemaking and its competitiveness on world markets.


BRDO participates in the work of the IWG within the EU4business: SME Policies and Institutions Support (SMEPIS) project, implemented by Ecorys in a consortium with GIZ, BRDO and Civitta.