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Olena Shuliak will moderate the discussion on decentralization at the Ukrainian ID forum

The reform of decentralization is considered the most successful Ukrainian reform. There are 899 united territorial communities created and 26 cities of regional significance joined by neighboring communities. Together, they cover 27% of the population and almost 40% of Ukraine’s territory.

However, the main challenges of decentralization are:

  • Uncertainty about the division of powers between central and local authorities
  • Significant financial differentiation of communities
  • Low level of participation of citizens/residents in local politics
  • Low level of public control

We will discuss the issue of establishing a balance of interests between the state and territorial communities as well as the ways to achieve the community capacity as part of the Community ID panel: Decentralization. Challenges and Prospects at the Ukrainian ID forum. The BRDO Office is a strategic partner of the forum, and the Construction Sector head Olena Shuliak will moderate the panel.

Ukrainian ID is an international economic and humanitarian forum, which will be held in Kaniv on June 7-8. The main purpose of the forum is to create an effective communication space for the development of a global strategic policy for tomorrow’s future.

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