The development of open data in Ukraine: the Data+ communication platform is launched

The first meeting of Data+, a communication platform created to support openness, transparency and development of open data in Ukraine, took place. The Data+ platform aims to become a key platform for communication between stakeholders, to promote joint advocacy for open data, and to improve policy in this area.

What was discussed at the first Data+ meeting?

Data+ is currently one of the tools to promote open data, which can only work if all stakeholders are actively involved in it. In particular, representatives of the Ministry of Digital Transformation consider the primary function of Data+ to be its ability to centrally receive all requests for both opening data sets and solving other issues related to this area.

What’s more: thanks to the fact that the platform will unite all stakeholders of the open data sphere, not only requests and urgent problems will be understood, but also the capabilities of all stakeholders (both among government bodies and the public, businesses and concerned citizens). One of the important participants of the platform is the Secretariat of the Human Rights Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, whose task is to ensure the right of citizens to access public information.

In addition, Data+ will help to form a plan of joint actions, determine those responsible and deadlines, as well as change priorities and understand where strengthening of the joint position is needed.

Many participants of the first meeting immediately expressed their desire to join the work of the platform both through expertise and joint actions. In addition, the participants outlined the following problems in the field, which should be given priority attention:

  • Control of opening data sets is required. Thanks to the active work of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and other state institutions, the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine determine the priorities for the opening of certain sets. With Data+, the public can also contribute to this prioritization process and make requests for specific data sets.
  • Open data is an important resource for citizens, because Ukrainian services based on open data have millions of users. Accordingly, it is worth stimulating the creation of products that are useful for business, the public, and the media community.
  • Communities need support in publishing open data. They are often custodians of unique local data, but lack the capacity to collect, process and publish the data. Cooperation at the regional level should be strengthened, as well as capacity building programs for communities.
  • Open data is a tool that provides transparency in reconstruction and recovery processes. This, in turn, strengthens relations with partners and international support. That is why we need to advocate for open data.

Do you want to develop the field of open data in Ukraine?

Anyone can become a member of the Data+ platform — we invite you to join the Facebook group.

The video recording of the first meeting available here.

The Data+ communication platform was developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and by the Digital Transformation Activity with support from USAID and UK Dev. Implementing partner is the BRDO.