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Starting January 1, a transition period to the cancellation of share participation is active in Ukraine

It will last for one year, and as early as 2021, the share participation, except for the payment of share participation under the contracts concluded before January 1, 2020, will be completely cancelled. Such contracts are valid and continue to be in effect until they are fully executed.

Instead, in 2020, there will be clear rules to pay for share participation:

  • 4% of the total estimated cost of a construction project for non-residential buildings and facilities;
  • 2% of the construction project cost for residential buildings;
  • 0 for all industrial facilities.

Payment will be made in cash. They will be used exclusively to create and develop the transport, utility and social infrastructure of the relevant settlement.

The cancellation of share participation will allow Ukraine to improve its position in the Doing Business rating. This year, Ukraine ranked 20th by the Construction Permits component.