SRS abolished some medical institutions’ monopoly on conducting drivers’ examination

On January 7, 2016, the SRS suspended two paragraphs of the common order of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health as of 31/01/2013 № 65/80 regulating a medical examination procedure for candidates for drivers and drivers.

The corruptive scheme that made drivers spend a lot of money to pass medical examination or get a certificate of health in a certain medical facility was abolished by the SRS Decision of 06/11/15 №4.

“Medical examination for drivers was and will be an obligation according to Article 45 of the Law of Ukraine “On Road Traffic”. It is logical and necessary, but earlier there was a scheme where only certain medical facilities could carry out medical examination of drivers. The SRS abolished this corruptive scheme”, the head of the SRS Ksenia Lyapina said.

According to the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, every health care facility performs its functions according to the license, and the medical examination of drivers isn’t a separate kind of medical specialization. Therefore, such facilities don’t need getting additional documents for conducting this activity.

From now on, any medical facility will have the right to convene a commission and conduct medical examination of drivers.

 The source: Press Service of the SRS.