Digitization of the army: the President signed draft law No. 10062

Digitization of the army — the President signed the important bill No. 10062.

The BRDO team participated in the development of the document, which provides for:

  • interaction of the single electronic register of conscripts with other state registers
  • accelerated acquisition of the status of a participant in hostilities
  • creation of an electronic office of a conscript, etc.

What exactly does the law No. 10062 change?

  1. The possibility of creating an electronic cabinet of a conscript. In it, citizens will be able to independently make changes to some of their personal data.
  2. Creation of an application for military personnel Army+. Its first functions will be the submission of electronic reports, a knowledge base, and feedback. The launch of the beta version of Army+ is planned for the summer of 2024.
  3. The possibility of placing Ukrainian IT systems in the clouds of NATO member countries. This will strengthen cyber protection, improve data exchange with partners.
  4. Improving the interaction of the “Oberig” registry with other registries. This will allow expanding the list of information about conscripts and free citizens from the trouble of preparing documents for the TCC.
  5. Simplification of obtaining UBD status. The draft law creates the basis for the complete digitalization of this process.

The implementation of the provisions of the Law should strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian army and is the first step towards its digitalization. At the same time, we should note that the text of the document has undergone certain changes during consideration in the session hall, therefore, the full disclosure of the potential of the laid initiatives will require additional legislative regulation.