The Government has approved the State Strategy for the Development of the Fisheries Sector until 2030

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the State Strategy for the Development of the Fisheries Sector until 2030 by its Order No. 402 of May 2, 2023. The Government also approved the operational plan of measures for its implementation in 2023-2025.

The document was developed by specialists of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the State Agency of Reclamation and Fisheries of Ukraine together with the Office of Effective Regulation of BRDO, as well as representatives of scientific circles and public organisations.

Why does Ukraine need this document?

The purpose of developing the Strategy is to ensure the sustainable development of the fishing industry of Ukraine.

The document takes into account climate change and the focus on the European Green Deal, the preservation of natural reserves of aquatic biological resources, reducing the industry’s import dependence, increasing its competitive potential and creating conditions for investment development, as well as increasing the production of aquatic biological resources and products made from them by improving the ecological condition of fishery aquatic areas. entities (their parts) and balance of economic and social interests.

The strategy will ensure a change in state policy in the industry so that Ukraine can fulfill its international obligations. Also, the implementation of the Strategy will guarantee the food security of our country.

During the implementation of the Strategy, it is envisaged to expand regional cooperation within the framework of the Joint Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea, which defines an agreed structure of priorities and actions both at the regional and national levels, in particular in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors, to ensure a sustainable economy aimed at preventing negative climatic changes, preservation of marine space and employment of the population in the region.

What results are expected from the implementation of the Strategy?

In order to implement the Strategy, an operational plan of measures is approved, which contains clear and consistent steps.

The result of achieving the goals of the Strategy is:

  • creation of conditions for effective management of fisheries, preservation and increase of aquatic biological resources in the natural environment, their biological diversity;
  • creation of conditions for the development of aquaculture;
  • creation of conditions for the development of recreational fishing;
  • creation of conditions for the development of science and education in the field.

We thank the Government for the adoption of an unprecedented document for the Ukrainian fishery industry and look forward to its successful implementation.