Government improves mechanism for collecting and processing information on Ukrainian real estate damaged and destroyed by war

Due to the devastation caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine, Ukrainians face many difficulties.

In order to improve the mechanism of collecting and processing information on damaged and destroyed property of Ukrainian owners, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved Resolution #505 of April 29, 2022. This decision of the Government will have a positive impact on legal entities and citizens affected by the occupants and simplify the work of government agencies.

The document provides:

  • expansion of the list of real estate objects in respect of which information on damage and destruction as a result of military aggression of the Russian Federation will be submitted. From now on, such a notice can be submitted for all types of real estate, construction projects for which the right to perform construction work is obtained, their components, the common property of an apartment building, as well as linear engineering and transport infrastructure (in particular, linear energy infrastructure facilities);
  • expansion of the list of entities that have the right to submit information to the state on damaged and destroyed real estate. From now on, heirs of individuals and legal entities will also be able to do this;
  • creation of the State Register of property damaged and destroyed as a result of hostilities, terrorist acts, sabotage caused by military aggression of the Russian Federation as a single state information and communication system designed to collect, accumulate, record, process, store and protect information about damaged and destroyed real estate property, spatial coordinates of objects, persons whose real estate is damaged or destroyed, damage and losses caused by damage to such property. The holder of the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property will be the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the administrator – the state enterprise Diia, which belongs to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine;
  • adding to the list of entities that may receive information from the Register on damaged or destroyed housing, utility providers, associations of co-owners of apartment buildings, managers of apartment buildings, dormitories, housing construction (housing) cooperatives. As a result, businesses are guaranteed to receive reliable information about the destruction, and will be able to quickly exempt the owners of destroyed housing for utilities.

BRDO experts took part in drafting the Government resolution.

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