During 11 months of the war the price of borscht increased by 21,22%

This is evidenced by the fresh “borscht index” from BRDO.

When calculating the index, we use data from the “Minfin” portal for finance and investment on average monthly prices for products. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot confirm the relevance of the index for regions of Ukraine that are in the zone of active hostilities.

How did the war affect the prices of basic products?

UAH 99,2 – that’s how much a portion of borscht for four people, prepared according to a traditional recipe, will cost on January 13, 2023. Compared to February 24, 2022 — UAH 81,84 — the price has increased by 21,22%

All borscht ingredients have significantly changed their price.

The cost of meat increased the most (+63,67%).

The noticeable increase in the price of meat products is currently due to the cost of animal feed, the decrease in livestock, as well as problems in the energy sector. In particular, they affect the ability of manufacturers to store both raw materials and finished products.

Sour cream (+31,91%) and carrots (+26,48%) are next on the price scale.

On the other hand, the price of other vegetables – potatoes, cabbage and beets – decreased.