Beekeeping market reform

Reform objective

To create modern and effective regulatory tools for the beekeeping market development.


Amending the legislation, introducing mandatory registration of beekeepers, providing an environment for effective communication between beekeepers and agricultural producers, and preventing poisoning of bees by plant protection agents. 


A new Law of Ukraine “On Beekeeping”, Order of the Ministry of Economy #338 “On Some Issues in Beekeeping” drafted with the participation of BRDO experts.  

The BRDO has been working on the beekeeping market reform in Ukraine since 2018. In the same year, our experts analyzed the “Regulation of the honey market” and participated in the development of regulatory acts on some issues in beekeeping. In 2019, the BRDO together with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy drafted Order #330 of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food “On Approval of Honey Requirements”, and in 2020, BRDO experts participated in drafting law #3740 “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on Beekeeping” designed to comprehensively address the problems in the sector. 


The BRDO proposes to make it mandatory to register beekeepers with village councils not as entrepreneurs, but for record-keeping purposes to inform them about the possible use of agrochemicals harmful to bee farms. It is important to make this registration simple and free of charge, so it takes as little time as possible.  

Additionally, it is proposed to simplify a form of bee farm certificates, create a single database on issued or revoked documents, and most importantly, ensure a more detailed work on the prevention of bee poisoning by plant protection agents. Honey producers will receive information about the use of plant protection agents by farmers in advance being able to officially certify the losses due to the negligence of farmers. 

To implement this, BRDO experts prepared a draft order of the Ministry of Economy “On Some Issues in Beekeeping” that was finally approved by the government in March 2021.  

In particular, the document provides for: 

  • approving the Instruction on prevention of bee poisoning by plant protection agents; 
  • approving a new bee farm certificate form and the procedure for its issuance; 
  • approving a bee farm registration procedure; 
  • defining the Soviet “Instruction on prevention of bee poisoning by pesticides” of 14/06/1989 as invalid. 

The next step is the adoption of the Law “On Beekeeping”. Also, Ukraine must harmonize its legislation following the commitments made to the European Union and the requirements of the EU to producers in terms of implementing the European Green Deal. 

Why is this essential for Ukraine?

According to data for 2019, Ukraine is among the top five main exporters of honey having 5.7% of all global stocks of this natural sweet product. However, we could safely claim beekeeping leadership. 

Interestingly, 98% of Ukrainian honey is produced by private farms and only 2% – by registered economic entities. The reason is simple: unfavorable conditions for the official registration of beekeepers. A huge number of requirements and regulatory tools do not allow businesses to clearly understand the rules of conduct in the market. That is why a systematic review of the regulatory framework quality is an important step to address existing problems and simplify the agribusiness environment in Ukraine.