Creating a Unified State Electronic System of Permits

Reform objective

Promotion of entrepreneurship by reducing time and organizational resources to obtain permits. 


Digitalization of the procedure for providing state licensing services.


Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #895 “On Implementation of a Pilot Project to Introduce the First Stage of the Unified State Electronic System of Permits”. 


The Resolution defines mechanisms of functioning of the first stage of the Unified State Electronic System of Permits, as well as electronic interaction between in the licensing process.   The first stage will cover a full cycle of procedures related to the administration of licenses: providing administrative services in licensing (issuance, suspension, renewal and cancellation of licenses, etc.), submitting complaints about licensing authorities, obtaining information on inspections, generating license cases, and so on.  

The following TOP-13 licenses were selected for the pilot project: 

  • Mediation in employment abroad; 
  • Retail trade in alcoholic beverages (except table wines); 
  • Retail trade in tobacco products; 
  • Retail trade in liquids used in e-cigarettes; 
  • Wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages; 
  • Wholesale trade in tobacco products; 
  • Wholesale trade in liquids used in e-cigarettes; 
  • Wholesale trade in fuel; 
  • Fuel storage (exclusively for own consumption or industrial processing); 
  • Tour operator activities; 
  • Veterinary practice; 
  • Economic activities on the circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursors; 
  • economic activities related to preschool education (KCSA);  

In the next stages, it is planned to convert other popular permits into electronic format. 

Why is this essential for Ukraine?

The introduction of e-Permits will simplify doing business for about 200,000 economic entities each year. Also, the period of administrative services in licensing will be reduced, and their quality will increase. At the same time, the relevant corruption risks will be reduced.