Urban planning reform

Reform objective

To provide transparent market rules for all participants along with fair competition, increase investment attractiveness of the sector, and ensure community and urban development.


Digitization of services, increased liability for unauthorized constructions, amended legislation.  


The Unified State Electronic System in the Construction Sector, draft laws #5655, #5656, #5877 developed with the participation of BRDO experts. 


Draft Law #5655 proposes to create a new legislative framework for effective public administration in the urban planning sector. Additionally, it is provided for the total digitalization of administrative and other services in the urban planning sector. This will greatly simplify and speed up their provision. Moreover, draft law #5655 improves liability mechanisms in the context of attempts to circumvent urban planning laws and strengthens the control of executive bodies of the village, settlement, and city councils over unauthorized construction.

Draft Law #5977 on increasing liability in the urban planning sector provides for: 

  • increasing in fines for offenses in the urban planning sector; 

  • defining a clear range of entities that may be subject to administrative penalties; 

  • preventing unauthorized constructions with the help of temporary arrest of illegal construction objects; 

  • increasing criminal liability for unauthorized constructions, including in the territories of cultural heritage objects. 

Why is this essential for Ukraine?

Effective public administration, as well as control and supervision in the urban planning sector, the introduction of effective liability mechanisms for violations of urban planning laws, establishment of transparent rules of the game for all participants — all these steps will create conditions for the construction industry development, increase employment opportunities and enhance the well-being of citizens.