All-Ukrainian Conference on Regional and Local SME policy will help policymakers to support the long-term development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

Approval of the Strategy for SME Development in Ukraine until 2020 formed the basis for long-term planning of entrepreneurship development at the national level. The Strategy makes it necessary to further elaborate corresponding policies for the SME sector development at the oblast, city and community levels. The tools and approaches to do so will be presented during the All-Ukrainian Conference on Regional and Local SME Policy, which will take place on June 14th, 2019 at Vsi.Svoi Gallery with the support of the EU-funded FORBIZ and ULEAD projects.

“Increasing the competitiveness of the SME sector as the basis of the Ukrainian economy is one of the important priorities of our cooperation. Through the EU4Business initiative, we help SME to get better access to finance, markets and skills, and to improve the overall business environment in the country. In the context of decentralisation, support to SME at local and regional levels becomes even more important, as it’s where they generate revenues, create jobs and contribute the most to the community development”- says Stefan Schleuning, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

FORBIZ project developed a unified approach for long-term planning of SME development which will enable elaboration of efficient policies of entrepreneurship development at all territorial levels, reflecting the local specifics, and at the same time ensuring consistency of such policies with the National Strategy for SME Development. The experts will present such methodological approach, as well as best practices of its implementation.    During the conference there will also be the opportunity to discuss how to increase the attractiveness of amalgamated communities for business and how regional and local authorities can develop regional and SME support measures in compliance with new State Aid rules.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for learning best practices of regional and local development, as well as entrepreneurship development support that already exist in Ukraine, for experience exchange and networking.

Background information:

EU4Business is the EU initiative that provides support to the private sector in Eastern Partnership countries, including Ukraine. Its goal is to improve the business climate, expand the availability of qualified consultants and access to finance for small and medium-sized businesses, boost economic growth and job creation.

Being part of the EU4Business initiative, FORBIZ project works to the Ukrainian national, regional and local authorities and other stakeholders to develop and implement effective economic development policies with specific focus on SMEs.

As part of its programming, U-LEAD with Europe contributes to the establishment of multilevel governance that is transparent, accountable and responsive to the needs of the population.

For additional information, please contact Olha Krasovska at [email protected] or at +38 0677639999.