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BRDO proposes to establish 10% quota for parking lots with electric charging devices at the legislative level

In Ukraine, the development of the segment of environmentally friendly transport modes is restrained by the absence of the market of electric charging services. The development of infrastructure requires creating transparent conditions to connect to electricity networks, define this product in the market at the legislative level, determine the status of charging units and electric charging stations and so on.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) conducted a comprehensive analysis of the regulation of the segment, which is on the intersection between transport and energy sectors. The analysis revealed additional barriers to development of electric cars that can not be eliminated at the level of secondary laws. In such a way, to systematize the market of electric charging stations and integrate it with the electricity market, we have developed the Concept for development of the market of electric charging stations (ECS).

“Consumer preferences are changing rapidly. Today, one in every hundred cars in the world is an electric car, and it will be every second car in 2040. In Ukraine, a percentage of electric cars is much smaller – this is about 4 thousand cars serviced by 1.5 thousand ECS. The ECS infrastructure is not developed, so domestic consumers prefer traditional modes of transportation. It is bad for the environment, increases dependence on imports of energy resources and constrains Ukraine’s integration into the world trade. We should create a reliable infrastructure and encourage consumers to use the latest technologies,” the Energy Sector Head at BRDO Oleksiy Orzhel said at the presentation of the document held at the Interfax News Agency on December 14.

In particular, the Concept for development of the market of electric charging stations provides for the following:

· Every 10th parking lot in large vehicle parking areas should be equipped with the ECS.

· Free access for suppliers and consumers to ECS.

· The possibility to buy and sell electricity online.

· A transparent procedure of interaction between ECS operators and local authorities, a simplified procedure to obtain permits and related documents.

Learn more about the Concept here and leave your comments here.

Moreover, the Concept provides for a full digitalization of the process. As a result, by using a single app, any user will be able to automatically find an ECS, track free parking lots with electric charging units, get information on prices for ECS-related services and so on.

A business case “Electric Charging Station”, which provides step-by-step instructions on starting this type of business in Ukraine, was also created on the Platform for Effective Regulation PRO. The case offers a check-list to create the infrastructure of electric charging stations: what documents to collect, how long each procedure will take, where to apply for and so on.

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