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A number of important decisions for business and citizens were approved by the Government

Today, on October 23, the first deregulation meeting of the new Cabinet of Ministers was held.

About 20 important business decisions aimed at improving the country’s investment climate, removing outdated regulations and allowing to launch first “state in a smartphone” electronic services were approved. The overall monetary impact is estimated at more than 300 million hryvnias per year.

The major innovations include:
  1. The introduction of electronic driver’s licenses and vehicle registration certificates. This process will take place due to online public services for drivers that will operate in a test mode. A mobile application with these services will be released soon as part of a project “Diia”.
  2. The cancellation of registration of joint investment contracts that will remove unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles for foreign companies to enter Ukraine.
  3. A decision to provide an automated system of state control (IAS) at the expense of international technical assistance resources that will save 9.5 million of the state budget.

“Together with the MEDT, our BRDO Office has been involved in the IAS development and introduction from scratch, so we are particularly pleased that now the system will be fully operational for the further implementation of the inspection reform,” the BRDO Head Oleksiy Dorohan said.

  1. The adoption of a draft law on self-regulation that will finally regulate the activity of SROs at the legislative level and delegate them some of the regulatory functions. The document that has been developed by our experts for several years will contribute to more efficient activities in many areas of the economy and reduce costs associated with government regulation.
A number of important decisions in different areas of economic activities were also made:
  • Creating competitive conditions for stimulating green production through auctions on Prozorro.Sale. The decision provides for the approval of a procedure for holding support quota allocation auctions and selecting operators of electronic platforms to allocate these quotas. The expected results are the recovery of the green energy market, the implementation of provisions of the Law of Ukraine on Alternative Energy Sources and the availability and openness of auctions in this area.
  • Introducing electronic auctions for the right of special use of aquatic bioresources as well as the right for their breeding and fishing. These decisions will increase the fishery investment attractiveness and develop competition in the industry, as well as ensure transparency and equal rights for market participants.
  • Approving the procedure for granting subsoil licenses and electronic auctions for their sale. Estimated budget revenues from making amendments to the CMU Resolution No.848 will amount to almost 200 million hryvnias, and gas production will increase by 1 billion cubic meters in 3 years.
  • Introducing an organic production procedure that will become the basis for certification and increase the volume of organic production.
  • Eliminating the duplication of regulations in retail trade with alcohol beverages that led to corruption manifestations in this area and financials losses for business in the amount of 1.5 million UAH per year.
Other decisions include:
  • To cancel the obligatory labeling (hologram) of optical discs with audiovisual content due to reduced demand for this storage media type and doubtful effectiveness of such protection.
  • To cancel the state registration of contracts as economically ineffective after making amendments to the Customs legislation
  • To introduce a procedure for examining documents confirming the birth or death of a person in the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

In addition, the Government has also introduced updated risk criteria for two areas: road transport and veterinary drugs. These criteria for veterinary drugs are the compliance with the legislation requirements, production and sales volumes and import into the customs territory. As for road transport, they are related to the type of transport and the number of accidents/violations.

These decisions developed with the active involvement of the BRDO will make life easier for business and citizens, and our state will become more efficient and predictable.