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Ministry of Agrarian Policy approved an order that will ensure honey quality traceability and control

Ukraine is among 5 world leaders in the honey export and does not plan to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Today, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy approved both new requirements for honey and commitments to improve ‘honey rules’ by its order.

In Ukraine, there is currently the National Standard DSTU 4497 “Natural honey”, which envisages only requirements for honey labeling, production and sale to be met voluntarily in the territory of Ukraine. However, its effect does not apply to export supplies.

And what will the new requirements provide?

The honey quality traceability and control will create the conditions to eliminate the problem of honey adulteration and imitation in the market as well as will provide the state with an opportunity to have full information on the honey circulation and production.

The adoption of this order will also help to inform the relevant consumers properly and ensure the elimination of contradictions during export-import operations of EU and Ukraine’s economic entities.

BRDO together with the Union of Beekeepers of Ukraine actively participated in drafting the order. Last year, the BRDO Office conducted a review of the Ukrainian honey market, which resulted in the Green Paper. Its text, public consultations and activities undertaken are available here (in Ukrainian).