How to get compensation for accommodating of IDPs? Instruction

During the war, many Ukrainians are forced to seek shelter, as their homes are destroyed or they are forced to evacuate from the occupied Ukrainian territories.

Fortunately, many Ukrainians are ready to accept IDPs, and the state is ready to support them. Free accommodation of IDPs to Ukrainians is compensated by international charitable funds and donor organizations.

How to get compensation to the owner of the premises?

1️. No later than the next day after the placement of the IDP, the owner must submit an application to the local self-government bodies (executive committee), specifying the data of each of the placed persons and attaching copies of documents certifying their identity. You can download the application form here

2️. On the day of termination of placement of IDPs or change in their number, submit an application with information on changing the list of resident persons.

3️. Apply to the executive committee of the village, settlement, city council for the location of the residential premises to receive financial assistance.

4️. The payment is made in non-cash form using the bank details specified in the application by the 20th of the following month, provided there is no arrears for the homeowner’s utility services.

How is the compensation process organised?

A state electronic management system was developed for the convenience of providing compensation for the placement of IDPs. It was created as part of the Innovation Laboratory for EU project, implemented by the federal company Deutsche Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Government. The Ministry of Communities and Territories Development and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine are responsible for the implementation of the project with the participation of BRDO experts.

Will the accommodation of all IDPs be compensated?

In accordance with the resolution of the CMU dated September 30, 2022 No. 1094, compensation is provided for free accommodation of IDPs who have been displaced from temporarily occupied territories and/or whose property has been damaged or destroyed.