ARMA has restored public access to the Register of Seized Assets

The National Agency of Ukraine for Asset Search and Management (ARMA) has restored public access to the Unified State Register of assets subject to seizure in criminal proceedings.

This was announced by the Head of ARMA Olena Duma during the briefing.

“The public mode of operation of the Register allows various target audiences to quickly obtain information about what is happening with one or another asset. In particular, who is investigating the criminal case, by whom and when the arrest was made, how ARMA manages the property, how much it was valued at, how much it was sold for at auction, according to which contract it was transferred to the manager and how much money went to the budget from the management. That is, the Register makes it possible to track all actions online from his arrest to the receipt of income by the state,” said Olena Duma.

The register consists of an open part, accessible to every interested person, and a closed part intended for law enforcement officers. The database contains over 129,000 records. About 36,000 of them relate to assets transferred to ARMA management. 829 records relate to measures to assess the value of assets; 1,144 entries – competitive selection of managers; 117 records are about management contracts. 500 entries relate to assets sold at auctions and another 500 entries to cash management activities, taking into account the amounts of funds placed and accrued interest.

The unified state register of assets – at the link:

It will be recalled that in July the RISE Ukraine Coalition, which includes BRDO, addressed ARMA with an official statement demanding to open access to the Unified State Register of Assets.

As of the time of publication, the Register is not open for all users. The RISE Ukraine coalition is waiting for a report from the researchers on the results of checking the completeness and quality of the published information.