BRDO: SRS supported experts and business proposals to the draft license conditions on hazardous waste and chemicals

дозволиThe State Regulatory Service supported Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) experts’ proposals and comments to two draft license conditions developed by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

On March 22, Draft license conditions concerning conducting economic activities on hazardous waste management and Draft license conditions concerning conducting economic activities on highly dangerous chemicals production, listed by the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine, were considered during the common meeting in the SRS, where BRDO experts on control and supervision were invited. According to the results of discussion, all comments made by the BRDO after the analysis would be taken into consideration as amended by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

Comments and proposals of experts to the drafts harmonize the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources’ initiatives with Ukrainian legislation while eliminating the duplication of responsibilities of state control (supervision) authorities and reducing the risks of non-competitive conditions assignment for the licensees.

“The SRS actively engages the BRDO in handling the different legislative initiatives. And in the most of the cases it supports our conclusions and proposals. We appreciate this efficient cooperation and believe that it is the best assessment of our team work. We are grateful to the SRS for the opportunity to make the dialogue with different parties of regulatory policy and get an effective result,” Volodymyr Holovatenko says.

The optimization of draft license conditions considered at the meeting on March 21, does not provide the reducing the control level of the hazardous waste and highly dangerous chemicals production. Proposed by BRDO experts proposals and comments will help to formalize the responsibility of supervision and control authorities foreseen by Ukrainian legislation more clearly. And avoiding the duplications of regulatory functions by other government entities will help to economize the state budget.

It is to re reminded, that the BRDO launched a special section on its website with draft regulations coming from the SRS and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to get the BRDO expert review.

The Better Regulation Delivery Office calls business representatives and the public to join this process and send proposals to [email protected]. All proposals and comments sent to the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) will be taken into account while preparing the conclusions.