BRDO called on Valve Corporation to unblock payments to video games developers in Ukraine

Ukraine is calling on Valve Corporation to unblock payments to video games developers in Ukraine. 

Russia continues its large-scale and unprovoked attack on Ukraine using heavy weapons. Ukrainian cities and villages are still under missile attacks from the territories of both the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. It is obvious that Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine. 

We thank Europe and the USA for sanctions against the aggressor. We also thank all private companies who decided to limit business activities in aggressor states and ceased providing consumer services for their citizens. But we ask you not to punish the victims.

Lives and livelihoods of thousands of Ukrainian video games developers depend on timely payments from Steam, a digital distribution platform, owned by Valve Corporation. On March 17th Steam support announced that payments to developers from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine were suspended. Ukrainian developers, many of whom were forced to live under temporary occupation or leave their homes to seek safety, were left without income. This income is especially important for them in these trying times.

Steam has explained that their bank requires intermediary bank information for all transfers to Russia and Ukraine. This goes beyond any logic. Ukrainian banks are neither under sanctions, nor are they funding a war of aggression, unlike banks of the Russian Federation. No other digital distribution platform has suspended payments to Ukrainian creators since the onset of the war.

Ukraine calls for immediate continuation of payments to Ukrainian developers or, at least, a transparent and clear communication on the root cause of the problem and expected time of resolution. The communication should also include the name of the institution requiring additional information and legal basis for their demands.

Ukraine is grateful for the support of the whole civilized world in these hardest times. We hope that all issues will be resolved as soon as possible.