BRDO called on Leroy Merlin to stop its enterprises in russia

Better Regulation Delivery Office officially called on the management of Leroy Merlin to stop all collaboration with russia – the agressor that destroys Ukrainian pieceful cities and kills Ukrainian children. The Office also emphasized on the necessity to stop the company’s enterprises already working on the territory of the terrorist state.

Leroy Merlin has not given any official position on russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has not officially stated that it will follow US and EU sanctions against russia, as many reputable international companies, both large and small, have done.

In Europe, russian goods and services are being boycotted in all cities, and cooperation with the terrorist country and the supply of its products to its territory are being banned. Instead, the media report that Leroy Merlin will continue to operate in Russia bypassing international sanctions, even more so – the company is going to occupy the niche of those suppliers for whom their own reputation is more important than the bloody money of the occupying country and who has left the russian market.

There are many Leroy Merlin stores in Ukraine, as well as customers of this network. If Ukraine wins this war, Leroy Merlin will lose a huge European market that will grow at an unprecedented rate.

However, there is still an opportunity to make the right choice and stop any cooperation with the aggressor country today.