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Draft laws on simplifying regulation in road construction and improving the quality of construction products adopted as a basis

Today, the Parliament adopted two draft laws in the construction sector developed with the participation of experts from the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) in the first reading. 

These are the draft law #2680 “On optimization of road construction and improvement of the urban development legislation” and the draft law #2698 “On providing construction products in the market”.

The first one is aimed at solving the problems of road construction market participants.

“Currently, large-scale road construction is a long-term process which is significantly complicated by the procedure for obtaining the right to reconstruction and major road repairs. The draft law proposes to replace the procedure for obtaining a permit with a notification of such works,” the Construction Sector Head Taisiia Baryngolts explained.

According to her, from now on investors will be able to start road construction works without complicated bureaucratic procedures, which will result in quality roads throughout Ukraine.

The second one is the draft law “On providing construction products in the market”.

“This document will help change the market for construction products which is now facing a significant number of problems. There are many counterfeit products on the market today, and this negatively affects the safety of the operation of facilities. Additionally, the authorized production declines, and the procedure of legalization of innovative technologies creates corruption risks, and the legislation does not define the responsibilities of market participants creating favorable conditions for all these aspects,” Taisiia Baryngolts said.

If these draft laws are adopted in the second reading, the Ukrainian construction legislation will be closer to the European one, and we will get safe and reliable facilities built from quality materials.