The Equator of the work of the IWG on deregulation: more than 50% of state regulatory instruments have been revised

The last meeting of the IWG was devoted to the deregulation of the Ukrainian communications sector. The adopted decision is to cancel and moderniіe numerous permits and licenses from the sphere of competence of the National Commission in the fields of electronic communication, radio frequency spectrum and postal communication and State Special Communications.

Some current industry tools are not provided for by the current Law “On Electronic Communications” or any other law and are not used in practice. Among them are all the tools prescribed in the “Regulations on the procedure for the formation of the space of object identification codes of the Ukrainian segment of the world space of object identifiers” (object identifier, OI – a unique number of network equipment or resource/site addresses in the network, for example, url).

It is recommended to cancel:

  • notification of the use of identifiers of objects in Ukraine designated by the National Registration Organization of the OI;
  • registration certificate on the assignment of the OI;
  • determination of organizations that perform the functions of national registering organizations, authorized to perform management and administration of the Ukrainian segment of the world space of OI;
  • Permit to import radio-electronic means and radiating devices into Ukraine from abroad;
  • Permit for sale of radio-electronic means and radiating devices in Ukraine.

At the same time, the IWG proposes to work out the issue of registration of international OIs in the Ukrainian segment, in accordance with the ITU Recommendations.

It is necessary to modernise a number of other tools of the field. In particular, licenses for conducting business activities:

  • on assessing the security of information that does not constitute a state secret;
  • on assessing the security of all types of information, including information constituting a state secret;
  • for the detection of embedded devices (so-called “bugs” for eavesdropping);
  • on the development and compilation of design and other technical documentation, production of cryptosystems and means of cryptographic protection of information, etc.

The IWG on deregulation is headed by First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliia Svyrydenko and Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov. The meetings are also attended by representatives of leading analytical centres, in particular the BRDO.