Electronic cabinet for developers launched in Ukraine

This story began more than a year ago, when BRDO experts decided to conduct a “transparency experiment” on the State Architecture and Construction Inspection (DABI).

Attempts to submit necessary documents to the regulator became a real challenge for the team, and this agency broke the record for rejection statistics. Finally convinced that the changes would not start without us, we held the first meeting with stakeholders to discuss the idea of ​​creating an e-system in construction on November 15, 2018. As early as November 28, the first version of the relevant law, which was immediately provided to the expert community for consultations, was drafted. What came next was a hard work on the legislative framework along with numerous meetings and approvals.

And finally, the modern system became partially operational! The e-cabinet is available at

In particular, it currently allows to:

  • send notifications on commencement of pre-construction and construction works;
  • change details in these notifications and cancel them;
  • register declarations of readiness for commissioning and change them.

At the first stage, these services are available for CC1 class objects. According to website statistics, 10 objects have been commissioned and 23 construction permits have been obtained through the system since its launch on Friday!

In the following stages we also plan to introduce:

1) including the information on indicators of construction products, which are put into circulation on the market of Ukraine, in the electronic system;

2) adding the reference information on management companies (housing cooperatives), utility tariffs and utility providers for each apartment building as well as creating a so-called “building profile” that will include all the building’s technical documentation.

We are glad that the positive ideas initiated by the BRDO and required for the construction industry development are being implemented! Stay tuned!