Experts: draft law on agricultural land turnover needs to be redrafted

Analysis of positive and negative aspects of the new draft law “On Agricultural Land Turnover” was discussed at the meeting of the Agricultural Law Committee that took place on March 18. The expert of the BRDO Better Regulation Delivery Office’s agriculture sector, member of the Agriculture Law Committee’s council of the Auditor Chamber of Ukraine Maksym Maksymenko who also is a moderator of the event participated in discussing the introduction of the agriculture land market in Ukraine.   

The lawyers and agrarians devoted the main time of the meeting to the detailed analysis of the new draft law “On Agricultural Land Turnover” developed by the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre. The lawyers analyzed the proposed concept of introduction of the agricultural land market in Ukraine during the event. Also the main aspects the related alternative options were discussed separately.

Experts mentioned some negative provisions for the developed version of the draft law. Following the discussion, participants of the meeting highlighted the negative effects of the draft law in its current version, which, in their view, has signs of manipulation by government agencies.

Following the discussion, participants decided to work out a specific position of the Agriculture Law Committee of the Auditor Chamber of Ukraine on this matter.