Farmers will receive simplified access to agricultural lands of Ukraine for successful sowing

The sowing campaign is a critical issue for Ukraine. At present, the food security of our state depends on whether domestic farmers will be able to get the harvest during the war.

In order to ensure the maximum intensity of agricultural production, despite Russia’s military aggression, the Parliament of Ukraine yesterday passed a bill #7178.

Its adoption will make it easier for farmers to acquire the right to use certain land plots, in particular:

  • about 20 thousand hectares of communal land for the purposes of agricultural production will be provided, which were prepared for lease at land auctions;
  • as a result, it will ensure that in 2022 additional crops will be harvested on these lands.

Why it is important

The procedures established today for peacetime for the use of state and communal land, unclaimed, unallocated land, as well as land remaining in collective ownership, are durable, require a number of successive decisions by land managers, organization and holding of land auctions, etc.

In addition, under martial law, when the State Land Cadastre, the State Register of Real Estate Rights and Encumbrances do not function, and administrative services are not provided, the provision of state and communal land to agricultural producers is virtually impossible. Areas prepared for transfer to land auctions remain unallocated.

The document was developed with the participation of BRDO experts. Thank you to everyone involved in the prompt adoption of this crucial document!