Phytosanitary examination, operating permit and veterinary certificates: the IWG on deregulation recommends simplifying the obtaining of permits from the SSFSCP

Businesses should spend less time and effort on obtaining permits from the State Service on Food Safety and Consumer Protection – this decision was made by the IWG on deregulation at the last meeting. For this, it is necessary to modernise the lists of products for import, export and re-export, phytosanitary examination and other instruments of state regulation, which are taken care of by the SSFSCP.

The IWG recommended digitising:

  • submission of an entrepreneur’s application for phytosanitary examination for export;
  • submission of an entrepreneur’s application for obtaining an operational permit for the production and storage of food products; the course of the inspection, which grants this permit, must be recorded on a photo and video to avoid violations.

The approach to the phytosanitary control of products of plant origin for import is advised to change to a risk-oriented one. That is, those entrepreneurs who did not have violations before will be checked less often.

Separate recommendations of the IWG concern the optimization of state regulation in this field. The list of products of plant origin for import, export and re-export should be reviewed and modernized, taking into account new phytosanitary risks, as well as the requirements of European and international legislation.

The interdepartmental working group on the accelerated review of instruments of state regulation of economic activity was created in January 2023. Over the course of the deregulation reform, it has reviewed more than 1,000 permits, licenses, approvals, etc. BRDO joined the work of the IWG within the EU4busines: SME Policies and Institutions Support (SMEPIS) project, implemented by Ecorys in a consortium with GIZ, BRDO and Civitta.