How to launch meat exports in Ukraine?

Ukraine has officially launched a process of opening the market of pork exports to the EU. This procedure will not be quick and may take several years due to high requirements and standards for exporting countries.  

However, this opens huge opportunities for domestic producers. First of all, it is the development of Ukrainian export, protecting and enhancing investments and expanding trade markets.

One of the main EU requirements is to recognize that Ukrainian products are safe and of high quality.

Given that there was the mass spread of ASF outbreaks not only in Ukraine, but also in the world as a whole, the disease control remains a priority. However, there are no legal mechanisms that would significantly reduce the disease development and its negative effects.

Compartmentalization is a tool that will allow businesses to export, even if there is an ASF outbreak in the region. Enterprises receiving a compartment and confirming their biosafety will be able to use this tool as a guarantee and confirmation of safety of their products for partners.

An important stage in the implementation of compartmentalization in Ukraine is a draft order “On Approval of the Procedure for Determining a Specific Veterinary and Sanitary Status of Animal Subpopulation of One or More Farms with a Unified Biosecurity Management System for One or Several Diseases, which are subject to Surveillance, Control and Biological Safety Measures” developed by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy with the participation of the BRDO Office and other interested parties.

By adopting the act, Ukraine will officially introduce the mechanisms for assessing the enterprises compliance with the requirements of adequate security and determining their appropriate veterinary and sanitary status (compartment). This will be a significant step to minimize economic losses, develop exports and expand trade opportunities for businesses, as well as a powerful signal for all export markets that Ukraine is capable of delivering safe products.

The draft order is currently submitted to the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine. We are waiting for the rapid order approval and registration by the Ministry of Justice!

The first step has already been made, and we are moving further.

This initiative of the BRDO Office is the result of the meat market review. Learn more about the analytical research “Meat Market Regulation” here: