Revision of the field of supervision (control) of transportation: what decision did the IWG make?

How to strengthen the safety of passenger and cargo transportation in Ukraine?

The IWG on deregulation, during the recent meeting, considered the problems of state regulation in the field of transportation, and recommended simplifying a number of procedures related to state supervision (control). This decision will make it easier to do business in this area, and at the same time will increase the security of citizens who use these services.

In particular, the IWG recommended to:

  • adopt changes to the legislation to fight against illegal motor carriers that transport passengers with improperly equipped vehicles, without obtaining licenses and other necessary instruments of state regulation;
  • ensure the functioning of a single digital system that will contain all information about carriers and their transportation. This will reduce the number of raid checks on the road and optimise the work of the control body;
  • review the amount of fines depending on the violation and its consequences for transportation safety;
  • specify the list of legislative requirements that are checked by Ukrtransbezpeka.

To remind, on the website of the deregulation reform a dashboard has been launched that reflects the progress and achievements of the reform. The website also publishes the minutes of meetings of the IWG and it is possible to follow the stages of development of legislative drafts created to implement the decisions of the IWG.

The IWG, created in January 2023, included, in particular, representatives of the ministries of the economy, digital transformation, protection of the environment and natural resources, justice, finance, and the regulatory service.

With the support of the USAID Program “Competitive Economy of Ukraine”, BRDO prepares analytics on the expediency of maintaining or canceling regulations, participates in IWG meetings and the development of relevant regulatory and legal acts.