Transparent recovery and construction of the port infrastructure of Ukraine: the conditions are created by draft law No. 9664

The issue of rebuilding the infrastructure of Ukrainian ports and creating new facilities that would be able to meet the existing demand for port services is extremely urgent.

Draft law No. 9664, recently registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, will contribute to solving these issues. The BRDO team participated in the development of the document.

Why is this important?

The full-scale war led to the destruction of the country’s port infrastructure, to changes in cargo flows and to an increase in the load on the ports of the Danube region. The existing infrastructure was mostly built during Soviet times and has been in operation for 30-40 years in a row.

Together, these factors do not create favorable conditions for attracting investments in the creation and development of port infrastructure and strengthening the competitiveness of Ukrainian seaports.

Draft Law No. 9664 eliminates legislative deficiencies in the field of construction in internal sea waters, the territorial sea of Ukraine and sea ports, and also brings all processes into a digitized, transparent plane.

What exactly does draft law No. 9664 offer?

  • Regulates and simplifies the processes related to the formation of land plots and the construction of facilities in internal sea waters (in particular, under the water area of sea ports) and the territorial sea of Ukraine.
  • Automates the issuance of town planning conditions and land development restrictions within the seaport through the electronic system in the field of construction.
  • In the conditions of the need to restore and develop the port infrastructure, it allows to get rid of corruption risks in this area.
  • Improves the planning of the development of seaports of Ukraine, which allows solving a number of problems that hold back the development, investment and development of seaports.

As a result, the draft law will make corruption in this area impossible, as well as provide millions of profits to the state budget of the country through investments. This development of the port industry logically fits into the plan of the country’s European integration recovery.