The United States has eased telecom sanctions against Russian companies

Yesterday, on the 44th day of the war, the United States eased telecom sanctions against Russian companies.

From now on, the sanctions will not apply to the supply of services, software, equipment and technologies related to Internet communications from the United States to Russia.

This list includes, in particular, instant messaging, video conferencing, e-mail, chat, social networking, photo, film and document distribution, web browsing, blogging, web hosting, domain name registration.

We emphasize that electronic communications are the lifeblood system of the economy. However, the telecom sector of the aggressor country has hardly suffered from sanctions, and the sanctions imposed on it have already been eased.

In essence, the United States has decided in favour of the occupant, which will contribute to the functioning of its economy and sponsor further war crimes.

As a result, companies close to the military sector, top Russian officials and others will be able to purchase communications services, software, and equipment directly from the United States. This may apply to personal computers, server hardware, etc.

Source of information: US Office of Foreign Assets Control, General License for Russia # 25

We are grateful to all foreign partners who stand with Ukraine during this difficult time. But it is obvious that the previous efforts of the entire civilized world are not enough to stop the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine. It is necessary to continue to put pressure on Russia with economic sanctions and strengthen them, not soften them.