Industrial and medical hemp in Ukraine: Ukrainian Parliament registered the draft law

Industrial hemp is not a narcotic drug. The Parliament registered the relevant draft law No.5596 regarding the trade of hemp for medical use and in scientific and scientific-technical applications that will also allow legalizing medical cannabis. BRDO experts actively participated in drafting the document.

The draft law defines industrial hemp containing up to 0.2% of THC as non-narcotic. Accordingly, industrial hemp is considered a common crop that is not subject to quotas and licensing.

For Ukrainian farmers, it is an opportunity to finally start growing this crop in the same way as European producers, and for Ukrainian businesses — to create a variety of products from it. In Ukraine, the developed industrial hemp market will give a powerful impetus for the economy, as this crop is one of the most environmentally friendly plants, which does not require pesticides and allows to create more than 50 thousand products (clothing, food, plastics, perfumes, cosmetics, oil, sweets, etc.),” Iryna Hruzinska, Agriculture Sector Head, explained.

It should be noted that so far in Ukraine, it is legally allowed to grow industrial hemp with up to 0.08% of the THC psychoactive component content. For comparison: in the EU, the permitted THC level in industrial hemp is 0.2%, in the US, Canada, and China — 0.3%. This creates over-regulation of the market and artificial barriers to business development and its competitiveness in international markets.

Last year, experts from the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO) conducted an analysis of the industrial hemp market that also contained mechanisms for its development in Ukraine.

Moreover, if this draft law is adopted, Ukrainians with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, oncology, etc. will have a legal and long-awaited opportunity to be treated with medical cannabis, and Ukrainian scientists together with entrepreneurs will have a chance to develop drugs based on medical cannabis and sell them in Ukraine.

We are grateful for the support given by the people’s deputies and look forward to the adoption of the draft law as a whole!