Digitization of the Ukrainian army: why it is necessary to adopt draft law No. 10062

The Ukrainian army is in critical need of digitization, which is introduced by draft law No. 10062. The BRDO team, which participated in the development of the document, joins the Ministry of Defence, the General Staff, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine in calling on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to adopt the Law.

❓Why is this important?

Draft law No. 10062 will unlock the digitization of the Ukrainian army and allow it to operate more efficiently and mobile. The electronic services provided for in the document will be useful to both military personnel and conscripts.

The provisions of the draft law will allow solving two urgent problems of the Ukrainian army:

  • secure the storage and speed up the collection of military data;
  • will translate services and processes for the military into an online format.

❓What will change thanks to draft law No. 10062?

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine will strengthen the cyber protection of its data and will be able to place its IT systems in the cloud storage of NATO member countries. This practice is already widespread in the Armed Forces of the United States, Great Britain, Australia and other allies. Data will be securely protected and encrypted.

Thanks to this, the access of the Ukrainian army to intelligence allies will be expanded, the development and deployment of new combat systems and electronic services for the army will be accelerated, data protection against enemy cyber attacks will be strengthened, etc.

Separately, we note that the deployment of military IT systems abroad will free up air defense equipment that currently protects national data centers from constant missile attacks. Instead, this resource will be used to cover other military and civilian infrastructure.

The Ministry of Defence will improve the register of conscripts, conscripts and reservists, in particular, in terms of establishing interaction between registers, using data on military records, etc. Employers and educational institutions that keep personal military records of persons (their employees and students) in paper form will have the opportunity to keep them in an electronic office.

It will be allowed to create and use military registration documents (certificates) in digital format.

The Ministry of Defense will create a register of servicemen of the Armed Forces and the State Service of Special Transport. The data available in the register will be used by a new digital portal, where servicemen and conscripts will be able to receive services online. In particular, it will be possible to provide the UBD status automatically online and offline if the necessary data is available in the system.

Draft law No. 10062 will increase the country’s defence capability. The BRDO team considers it an honour to participate in the development of this critically important document and calls on the people’s elected representatives to adopt the draft law as soon as possible.