The publication of open data on construction has been resumed

Last year, due to a full-scale intrusion, the publication of open data in the field of construction, which were posted on the public portal of the Single State Electronic System in the Field of Construction, as well as on the open data portal, was suspended.

The e-system in construction worked, but only for authorised users (these are architects, engineers, employees of control bodies, etc.). The information was not publicly available to the general public.

From April 10, 2023, the publication of open data on construction was resumed.

Based on the results of consultations with law enforcement agencies, a list of information was determined, the disclosure of which does not pose a threat to national security and defence. But it is important that information about critical infrastructure facilities remains closed for reasons of national security.

What information can be viewed on the EDESSB portal?

  • a public construction map showing all recently issued construction permits;
  • information about a specific construction object;
  • information about the construction at the address.

How does open data help in the field of construction?

  • the openness of information about construction allows citizens to control construction in their cities, because it is possible to learn about plans for the construction of objects even before construction has begun;
  • checking the availability of all necessary documents from developers, before directly buying real estate, becomes easier – and this protects citizens from fraud;
    publication of data in machine-readable format on the portal allows for analytical research using information technologies.

The Single State Electronic System in the Field of Construction was created in cooperation with the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Digital Transformation with the support of the USAID / UK aid project “Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services / TAPAS”. The team of the BRDO participated in the development of the draft legislative acts on the implementation of the E-system of construction.